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Author Topic:  Mandelbulber 2.11  (Read 803 times)

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Mandelbulber 2.11
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:41:33 PM »

New in v2.11

Fractals: cleaned up names of fractal formulas
Fractals: corrected MixPinski code
Fractals: corrected Menger4D and Menger4D Mod1 code
Fractals: corrected Abox - Mod1 and Abox - Mod2 code
Fractals: upgraded the reset button on fractal tab. It now also resets iteration number and range, weight, add global C constant and check for bailout conditions
Fractals: Updated final calculation for pseudo kleinian hybrid mode
Fractals: Updated transform Spherical fold 4D
Fractals: Updated Menger Cross KIFS
Fractals: Added linear_DE_offset parameter for fine tuning of distance estimation of IFS-like formulas
Fractals: new formulas:
Pseudo Kleinian - Mod 2
Mandelbulb - Multi2
Abox - Mod 11
T>Parab Fold
T>Scale Vary Abox
T>Spherical Fold CHS
T>Spherical Fold Parab
Shaders: added rotation and scale of background texture
Shaders: added background texture offset sliders
Shaders: added HDR blur post-effect. This is a soft blur which can improve quality of Monte Carlo DOF effect or can be used as a standalone effect.
Shaders: now all effects (including SSAO) are rendered using floating point image buffers (better HDR quality)
Shaders: image brightness, contrast and gamma can be corrected without re-rendering of SSAO and DOF
Shaders: Removed redundant HDR DOF option (now DOF is always rendered as HDR)
Shaders: Optimized Monte Carlo DOF algorithm (50% faster). Now it uses statistical noise estimation to determine the number of needed samples.
Shaders: Fixed bug in algorithm for reflection calculation
Image: Added full screen antialiasing to the rendering algorithm
Image: Added the option to save stereoscopic left and right eye, in separate image files.
Image: Improved quality of ray-marching without any noticeable impact on rendering time. Now the distance threshold is calculated 10 times more accurately.
UI: added the option to detach rendered image from main window. It allows for the use of two displays.
UI: font sizes and widget sizes adapts to screen DPI and size. User interface is displayed properly on 4K high DPI displays.
UI: Added dialog box for hybrid/boolean fractals. When any tab is selected with index > 1, then a message appears with the option to enable hybrid or boolean fractals.
UI: detached rendered image can be displayed in full screen mode
UI: added the option to display thirds and golden ratio grid
UI: formulas can be searched in formula combobox
UI: added recent settings in File menu
UI: Added the option to place the light source behind the object
UI: corrected colors in list of connected NetRender machines. Will now be properly displayed with dark skin.
UI: Cursor now displays correct camera movement modes.
UI: Material tab only appears when another material is selected.
UI: Fractal tab renamed to Objects
UI: There was a memory alignment problem which caused damaged toolbar icons (when width was not a multiple of 4)
CLI: added CLI support for mesh export
NetRender: added lzo compression (saves about ~60-70% of network bandwidth)
NetRender: fixed reconnection issue while lookup of host (mostly with very fast Ethernet connection or localhost)
NetRender: Program (client) crashed when connection was lost.
Voxel export: Mesh export uses much less memory.
Voxel export: Parallelized mesh export. Now it uses all CPU cores, so it's much faster
Voxel export: Optimized mesh export. Voxels are pre-calculated before meshes are calculated. Calculation speed is 8 times faster.
Voxel export: Inverted orientation of faces. Now orientation of mesh export points outwards of the object
Voxel export: implemented binary format
Voxel export: implemented color save for ply meshes
Voxel export: Initialize k1om Offload feature (preview)
Voxel export: size of meshes now is not limited (only limit is available RAM memory)
AnimBySound: Frequency band can be selected using mouse pointer
AnimBySound: added the option to export keyframe animation with AnimBySound to Flight animation, where it is possible to edit every frame and save all frames to settings file.
AnimBySound: added accept button to AnimBySound dialogue
Animation: fixed bug: There was observed a problem where checking for collisions ("Validate") showed collisions even after they were eliminated.
Animation: corrected frame numbering on progress bar
Animation: added frame number by keyframe number in animation table
Examples: Added several example settings
Examples: Added example flight animation with audio synchronization
General: Corrected saving of window state. It was saved as "Unknown organization"
General: Added FilePathHelper to look for missing texture or sound files in several predefined paths
Performance: Added icon cache in FormulaComboBox. Starting of application is faster
Performance: fixed many issues showed by CoverityScan
Compilation: Fixed many warnings showed by clang
Compilation: Update MSBuild Solution and NUGETS for Native Windows Build
Documentation: added section about processing of iteration loop
Documentation: added section about hybrid fractals
Documentation: added section about interpolation
Documentation: added section about flight animation
Documentation: corrected section about camera movement
Documentation: edited chapter about NetRender
Documentation: corrected styles and cleaned up document structure
Documentation: added index

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/downloads/10/mandelbulber-2-11/197/

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