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 Replies in reversed cronological order?

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Just thought I'd say that I think the new way of putting recent replies first is a bit confusing. I haven't seen this in any other forum or imageboard before.
Having replies in order makes it easier to follow discussions imo :)


Are you referring to Recent Forum Topics on the front page? they are ordered as most recent first.

or threads in general? where the first post in the thread is first and the last post in the thread is last... at least that's how they appear here.

It looks like this for me:

select Profile from the main menu (in Yorky I think it's under your user icon top right)

on that page you will see another menu Modify Profile hover or click

you will see an item called Look and Layout click on it

at this page you will see some checkboxes for options available to you

un-check the one labeled Show most recent posts at the top.

please see for some pics of the menu in Curve theme


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