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 Remember the "Guardians of the Galaxy" ?


I was just going through my tens of thousands of bookmarks (too much is interesting;)) and found this one about the movie.  I remember that one guy working on the movie posted here something about it, anyone remembers?  I can't find it now.  But I thought some of you might like these 2 url's, all about the fractals in the movie.

Here some more nice url's but probably most of you have seen them already. Nevertheless to be 'complete' and for those (visitors) who like it anyway ;),first%20for%20any%20Hollywood%20movie.
Matt Ebb:
some extra scenes etc:
Theories and a little aluhat ;)

Other movie where they used fractals:

"Films, including Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Lucy and Annihilation,  have adopted fractals - especially three-dimensional ones- to help tell their storyies. And they've seen use in immersive projects too, where fractal simulations can help realise complex forms for users to explore":

Some fun facts about the movie:
some more background info about the decor as.

Ok, that's it.  Have a nice day.


The fractal artist in Guardians of the Galaxy is Hal Tenny. You probably know him as a fellow member of DA?


--- Quote from: Sabine62 on August 30, 2020, 05:43:12 PM ---The fractal artist in Guardians of the Galaxy is Hal Tenny. You probably know him as a fellow member of DA?

--- End quote ---

Yes, you are right. I even 'watch' him. But I do remember one (him?) here on the forum (or the old one maybe?)
Never mind, I do like the movie though. And I really enjoyed the fractal scenery. Nowadays I see them a lot more, in music shows, even in commercials, in movies. But not enough, and I don't understand why not?  In science, yes, but in movies etc... ? Just a few. Right?
There is so much they could do with it, it is like the majority sill are not ware of the beauty and the possibilities with fractals.
Don't you think?

Hm, yes I would like to see more...! Everywhere! Not only in films... but then, I really believe that they Are everywhere... ;)

But in films... somehow I think fractal art is some sort of acquired taste  :yes: :)) :)) :)) For the discerning nerd  <----- me, f.i. :happy:
I will have to find some place to hide now...

Me too, and you ar right. For Pokëmons they had to search every street and corner, while fractal is everywhere for anyone to see and to enjoy.   :yes: 8) :love:


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