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 Gallery upload limits?


Recently there have been several people (not naming names) who, when they upload anything to the gallery at all, flood it with 10+ new items all at once.

This pushes every pre-existing image immediately off of the "recent images" list, possibly after some of them had themselves been posted only within the past few hours. Likely some of these never get seen because they are only linked from the front page for a very short time.

Perhaps there should be a limit on how many gallery uploads a single user can make at a time, perhaps 3 or 5, with a cooling-off period before they can post more? Or ... more than that many in a 24-hour period and only the first 3 or 5 of them will be displayed in the recent images list, at least, after which no more from that user until midnight somewhere. That way, uploading a large number at once makes it less likely some of your own images get found and seen by very many people, rather than less likely for someone else's.


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RE: numbers

@3-5 it will only take 2 or 3 users to push the most recent off of the list and we have many more than 2-3 users here so imho if we are to impose a limit it will be 1 for the gallery(s) but remain as it is for threads/topics.

I would be hopeful that a limit of 1 would encourage people to post only their best images instead of everything they rendered today.

After observing this site for a couple of years, I've never seen a flood caused by several users separately posting smaller numbers simultaneously -- only from a single user posting a large number. A lot of people occasionally post two or three and that hasn't been a problem thus far. What I'm saying is that a limit of 1 will impact a lot more users, with little more benefit, than a limit of, say, 3.


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