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 Gallery Image Size Too Small - Quality Lost


So you upload a 3Mb image that is below the max image size. It gets published as a 'medium' thumbnail of around 70-90kbs in size. Most of the content is lost.

Yet if you attach an image as a comment you can have a 4.6Mb image like the one below. Why?;topic=3769.0;attach=18459;image


not quite sure what you mean....

upload an image to the gallery, a thumbnail is displayed, click the thumbnail to see the full size.

image is attached, thumbnail is displayed, click on link to download the full sized file

I don't see an image in your post just the link.

uhm... it's an animated GIF, that is not "an image" it's a bunch of images, an image should be a single frame in PNG or JPG or JPEG format

edit: just looked at the post, says 500x500 and it's 500x500 in my browser  and it's 500x500 when I download it, I don't see a problem.
this is below the size limit for creating a thumbnail so it is unmodified by our server. 4,556,335 bytes?

You are right 3DickUlus when you click an image in gallery you get the full sized image. Somehow I was right-clicking and selecting 'view image' which just gives you a view of a medium thumbnail.

Images in comments gives you the full sized image not a thumbnail size.

I can see why you use small thumbnails - so the home page loads faster.
If you see an image in gallery and click it once you get a medium thumbnail, click it again and get the full sized image.

I don't know why I was using 'view image'. Hopefully I can remember not to do it here  :fp:

From a gallery thumbnail...

1st click should show the image resized as the largest thumbnail we use, this is the image's hosted page

2nd click shows the image resized to fill your browser window

3rd click will show the full sized image zoomed to where you clicked

4th click zooms back to the image resized to fill your browser window

use  the back button to get back to browsing the site when done.

this makes it easy to study a large image in detail :D


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