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I had a thought today, while considering my need for a new mousepad. This forum revolves around images, often artwork, even. Would it make sense for there to be an official Fractal Forums merch site? I know there's third-party storefronts that make such things easy, and users could donate images to support the site (or profit-share, I suppose)

I've seen calendars mentioned in regards to the image of the month contests, but that's just an occasional thing. I know there's a few posts that I've seen on here that I'd buy a print of if I could, and as I hinted at, fractals make for remarkably effective mousepads, and I'm in need of one or two of those.

Any thoughts? Have such things been tried before? Or maybe they already exist and I just don't know about it?


Brings to mind this one and a few others,

I think there are mods for this site software that are geared toward merchandising, but setup, integration and maintaining it are another story.

edit: a little googling will turn up many places that will print anything on anything, I'm sure there's a few that specialize in mouse pads  :-/

There are sites like that live off merchandise in the form of prints, but I cannot see how this relatively small forum with far too few active moderators could run anything like a shop as well. Though I Do like the idea!

Like 3Dickulus says, if you search online for custom mousepads, you'll find what you are looking for. I don't know where you are but over here (Netherlands) even Aldi sells custom mousepads online ;)

And if you need an image posted by someone on here, my guess is that if you ask nicely... ;)

True Sabine.  I'm rather active on DA (before the site-upgrade to eclipse) And the thing that is most amazing that there is so much great stuff and often so freely available.  I started also with copyright, but always with a free download available. Nowadays I give it all for free.  Take it, use it, have fun with it.  Because the amount of incredible stuff is so hugely available on the net.  To be able to sell something it must be rather unique, you have to be very very lucky, for otherwise there are millions more that have great stuff as well ;)

I don't think people are willing to pay for it on FF, but maybe I'm wrong. And to set up something like that, you need a whole new administration for the money, guarantee, etc. And that is a lot of extra work.  But if there are volunteers, maybe Frakatlist and 3DickUlus will support the idea...?   

And Cory, it is a nice idea. And I would love to donate all my images. The Forum could use some extra money very well.  Who knows!   :high5:


I have had people offer me payment for coding special things into fractal programs from FF but I always turn it down and tell them to go to their profile page and make a donation to FF if they find this site a valuable resource.

Setting up a shop is not really something I want to do, I already have a few to babysit and there just isn't enough traffic here. Setting up a shop also means the hacking attempts will jump exponentially as the bots find it, in general it will slow down the site a bit.


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