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This child board is set up to contain snippets of code that can be used to produce different color outputs for a point

There are two types of color outputs from the fractal maths  :- 

- color that is outputted as a vec3(R,G,B)
- single float colorValue; that gets the points color assigned from a palette

color functions can be divided into three types:

- color derived from the original point position (point being iterated)
- color derived during the iteration
- color derived at termination

the first and last are cheap as we are not doing "color maths" at every iteration, however they are limited in the color patterns  they can produce (but have their uses)

color derived during the iteration is generally the best and it's cost can sometimes be reduced by choosing just a few iterations for the "color maths" the rest of the iterations just check a condition i.e    is  i < Max_Color_Iterations. The most common function for deriving color during the iteration loop is  minimum orbitTrap, where each iteration we are checking the distance ( or distance squared) from something in 3D space like the origin (0,0,0) and recording the smallest value we get, this decides on the color.

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