Thinking about Phaumann's zooms

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« on: September 09, 2020, 06:47:51 AM »
It is a bit late though, but since 2007 I have been fascinated about the Mandelbrot Set zooms when I viewed an irrelevant video titled "A Mandelbrot the size of the observable universe" by the now-deleted user "PotatoHeadBobby". At that "legacy era" the deepest zoom was probably Phaumann's E125, now extended to E333, and featured a dynamic heat-camera color palette and the E125 featured instrumental music which I describe as "creepy and intriguing". It has been recreated several times, most notably by Sery; this is the video.

The "PotatoHeadBobby" zoom was also respectably deep at that time; it is actually Universe #3 from Lloyd Garrick's UFVP and revamped three times. The aforementioned version is the second version; one copy can be found here on Youtube.

Around late 2008 or early 2009, Phaumann uploaded another deep zoom which starts at E1000 around the main needle of the Mandelbrot Set and away from any minibrot [the beginning of the video is solid blue], and zooms out at an extremely fast rate. It never encounters another minibrot except for the main one. It features a dynamic water-and-land color palette with low-iteration areas being water and high-iteration and M-set areas being beige-colored land. Unlike the E333 example, the E1000 zoomout looks similar throughout except at the very end of the video. The music is also similar to the E125 zoom but features sporadic beating sounds. It is very obscure, and Phaumann likely removed this video well before his ban.

Then, around Dec 2009, Phaumann uploaded another zoom which goes all the way down to E999, again using the heat-camera palette. It has been recreated by Kalles Fraktaler.

Phaumann's zooms have been described as legends, and are the deepest zooms known before the discovery of approximation techniques which make far deeper zooms feasible. Sadly, his account has been banned. I am looking for coordinates for Phaumann's E333, E999, and his little-known E1000 zooms. I am planning to further extend the E333 and E1000 zoom. Thorsten Förstemann gave a more detailed examples of Phaumann's log mapping of his E333 zoom.


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