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 Need help building an atlas of points of interest in mandelbrot and others.



I'm adding "points of interest" to my FractalJS program. For the moment, I've added the POIs for the Mandelbrot zoom at the wikipedia page, and a couple of POIs for the Tippetts fractal. POIs are displayed as crosses, or as a polaroid-like frame when you zoom in. You can preview the feature here and see for yourself.

I would need help to build a database of POIs so novice users can be guided to interesting places. I think at least a dozen of POIs per fractal set would be nice. Could you help me find such POIs ?

How to do it: go the URL above and navigate using mouse or keyboard. You can press the "shift" key to move with more precision. Use the "q" key to toggle a square that helps position the POI (it should be entirely contained inside the square so it works on horizontal and vertical devices. Once you're in a POI, just copy the URL and paste it in this threads. I will collect them and add them to the database.

Optionally, you can also adjust the palette for the best possible image (I will soon add a feature to adjust the palette when zooming inside POIs), and provide a short title and description.

Thank you for your help !


Adam Majewski:
You can translate fractint par files :

mdz files:

I love this idea! Something about fractals makes certain keywords really hard to research. It took me ages to figure out what an Elephant Valley is... What do you have identified so far?


--- Quote from: Adam Majewski on April 28, 2020, 07:00:45 PM ---You can translate fractint par files :

--- End quote ---
I think maybe you misread the original post? Or I may be missing something. I don't see how the file type is relevant here.

For Elephant Valley and more checkout by FF user tavis  :thumbs:


--- Quote from: 3DickUlus on April 30, 2020, 02:13:58 AM ---For Elephant Valley and more checkout by FF user tavis  :thumbs:

--- End quote ---

That's awesome!


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