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 Looking for someone to help me implement Perturbation Theory some more


Mr Rebooted:
Reply to this post if you're in
Source code found here in this branch:


I'm afraid I can't help with perturbation theory, but looking at the code I'll give two points of feedback that immediately stood out to me:

1. Move the shader code to its own file, and read that file instead of hardcoding the source code as a string.

2. I see many many variables (col1r, col1g, col1b, col2r, et.c.). Try to get this into one single variable, e.g. an array of  colors. And then you'd access them like col[1].r instead. It'd also make it possible to loop over the colors, instead of the many duplicated lines that are in the code right now (col1r = x; col2r = x; col3r = x; ...).

Good luck with your project!

Mr Rebooted:
Ight, thanks for the tips, I'll see what I can do.


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