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 Distributed computing for Mset area bound


I'm currently computing a lower bound for the Mandelbrot set that comes with a mathematical guarantee. My goal is to compute the finest resolution at my available memory limit. Currently the lower area bound is at 1.4954, I hope to reach/get closer to 1.50 as a numerical estimate of the area (without error control though) is around 1.506.

I was wondering if someone would be interested in also computing some hyperbolic components - kind of a manually distributed computational effort. If so, please send me a PM. I was thinking of a naive way of sending via Email zip-files containing the code, an executable and the necessary data.

Currently there are 215 hyperbolic components to be computed further. Parallelization within a component is possible (via OpenMP), one Julia set computation needs unfortunately about 20 GB of RAM. My current system is Windows 10 64 bit, 48 GB RAM and a Ryzen 2700. The program also runs in wine (only tested for low memory usage, as I do not have an Ubuntu system with much RAM).

Thanks (for reading and maybe collaborating).



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