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Discord Fractal Chats
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:22:33 AM »
Hey all -- I noticed that the two most used Discord servers for fractal-related work and collaborations' links have not been posted here at all. There was a link on the old forums, so I decided it would be good to post them here too.

https://discord.gg/dSQrPCe -- The original Fractals server. This one is used far, far less than the one below, so it's good for spamming your less-than-satisfactory fractals.

https://discord.gg/VbhEWJK -- The fractal chats server. Use this one to get a human response to whatever you post; most people use this one.

These servers are very open and friendly, with (at the moment) no real rules and guidelines, except the Discord guidelines, of course. Quite a few people from these forums also use the servers regularly as well, so you can expect to see some familiar faces there.  ;)

The best part? It's fun! We always have Parameter Pong games going on (anyone want to start those up here?) and anyone is welcome to join in.

Please do realize that these are not meant to replace Fractalforums in any way, nor vice-versa. Think of it as another Shoutbox, but not really.  :D


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