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Origin of life
« on: December 27, 2018, 02:36:34 PM »
This is not fractal. But the hypothesis is very convincing.

On the origin of life in the Zinc world: 1. Photosynthesizing, porous edifices built of hydrothermally precipitated zinc sulfide as cradles of life on Earth

Origin of first cells at terrestrial, anoxic geothermal fields

In short the idea is following.

On the primal earth when athmospheric pressure was 10 - 100 times larger ZnS could precipitate as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphalerite in terrestrial enviroment.

These crystals are luminiscent semiconductors. In water they could carry photoreduction of CO2 creating some organics (photosynthesis). Jet strong ultraviolet alsou destroys it. Only strongest survive. The fittest under UV C are 4 nucleotides. To withstand solar radiation molecules needed to stick to the crystals and polymerise.

First RNA acted as antenna for UV photons bringing energy to minerals.

Then the RNA to protect itself from Zn ions attached to themselves some random proteines.

Later these molecules went deeper and become RNA surounded with protective proteine - like viruses.

All cells consist of the same elements. In the cells there are lots of Zn, Mn, and K is mutch more than Na. The only place on earth with exotic proportions (more K than Na) is "vapor dominated zone in geothermal fields". These are be mud volcanous.

When first cells closed connection with outside they kept their original proportion of salts. All enzymes were fit to work only in these conditions. Just like when organisms blood closed conection with oceanic water they kept the salt in the blood. As all the inside chemical systems were made for salt water. (For vertebrates.)

* * *
This hypothesis is convincing becouse:

In the cells Zn is as mutch as are Fe. But only Zn is in the most basic enzimes for RNA and DNA. Say

Fe is not used in the most basic enzymes.

In the oceans organics is just too diluted.

Chemists can synthesize a lots of nucleotides. But when irradiated by UV radiation all are destroyed exept 4 nucleotides of life.

In RNA nucleotides is spaced almoust in the same lenght as ZnS and at the same lenght as CdS.

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by Edgar Malinovsky aka Edgars Malinovskis.

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