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Author Topic:  News: Image threads are locked and Gallery uploads no longer create threads  (Read 1700 times)

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Hello Community!

We have decided to try some changes to revive the community and re-balance the direction Fractalforums.org is heading into the future.

The purpose of forums is to discuss a topic - in our case our beloved fractals and everything connected with them.
Due to the way our forum software has been set up in the last years the focus of Fractalforums slowly shifted towards fractal art, especially images.
A lot of them are undoubtedly great - but with 2/3 of all topics here now being images (with few views and even fewer comments) the actual discussion about fractals, math and science was pushed to the background.

While keeping the possibilty to present your images here, we now want to refocus on the discussion.

This has lead to the following changes:

  • Gallery uploads no longer automatically create a topic in the forum
    The gallery still has all the functionality of the forum, you can write long descriptions, share the technique or parameters, other users can comment, discuss and rate the uploads.
    Also, you can still manually share images in a thread here though we encourage you to only share the best of the best. Let's see how it goes.
  • The imagethread-board has been set to read only
    The idea was nice, but it has the sideffect of a few threads dominating "unread posts" and "recent topics", keeping actual discussion out of the way.
    All previously created threads will stay online, we know some of you put a lot of work into them and it would be unfair to remove them.

All this is an experiment. Let's see how the forum changes with it, how it feels and if it helps getting us back on track.
If it doesn't work, it'll take just a few minutes to revert the changes.

If you want to know more about the background or give feedback, here's the discussion.

Linkback: https://fractalforums.org/index.php?topic=2409.0

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As per your request I've just done a test of board blocking and for those who feel Image-Threads are spamming cluttering their recent topics/posts list they have an option...

Users can go to ...
Profile -> Forum Profile -> Modify Profile -> Board Ignore Options
select -> Fractal Art -> Image Threads [ x ]

new posts and topics from this board (or any board they select) will never bother them again.

for my tests I re-enabled default permission on the Image-Threads board and have left it R/W enabled, I hope that's ok

Gallery uploads still set to NOT automatically create an image thread for new posts.
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